The "Brittany" collection includes a series of door styles that are constructed with flat (recessed) plywood panels, a decorative applied molding and lumber core stiles/rails. Brittany doors are available in both 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" thicknesses. Passage and Double doors have decorative molding applied to both sides of the door. Bi-Fold units have molding applied to the front side (face) only. Pocket and By-Pass doors are not available because the applied molding can cause interference with the operation of the door.

Style Name Species
B110 Brittany (B110) Maple
B210 Brittany (B210) Paint Grade Poplar
B211 Brittany (B211) Cherry
B212 Brittany (B212) Red Oak
B213 Brittany (B213) Maple
B310 Brittany (B310) Paint Grade Poplar
B311 Brittany (B311) Maple
B312 Brittany (B312) Cherry
B313 Brittany (B313) Maple
B314 Brittany (B314) Cherry
B315 Brittany (B315) Red Oak
B410 Brittany (B410) Red Oak
B411 Brittany (B411) Cherry
B412 Brittany (B412) Maple
B510 Brittany (B510) Paint Grade Poplar
B511 Brittany (B511) Red Oak
B610 Brittany (B610) Cherry
B611 Brittany (B611) Maple


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