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Dedicated to the highest level of design and quality TruStile doors blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship. Consider the important – and often overlooked – role doors play as a critical element in home design.


Lemieux Doors has become the leader in the wood stile and rail door market. They strive to bring new ideas to an age old industry. They want to offer more options, make it better, supply it quicker and continue to offer innovative ideas along with the best warranties in the wood stile and rail door market. All of this at a competitive price point.

Rogue Valley

Interior Doors are a big part of your interior design. From the practical values and comfort of our SDF doors to rustic, grooved-panel or traditional designs, Rogue Valley Door offers a great variety of options for many applications.


Masonite combines a long standing spirit of innovation with customer focused product development. Masonites extensive line of interior door products includes glass doors, French doors, and closet doors. Masonite is constantly expanding their diverse line of doors to meet any design or budget.